Learning Support

Learning Support is a broad name for a wide variety of procedures aimed at helping individuals with special needs.The MMS Learning Support Department is in close contact with the students, their teachers and their parents.  The philosophy of the Department is full-inclusion:  keeping the students in the classrooms with their peers at all times.

The Department was established in 2000 with six members of staff.  In 2008 the Department comprises 1 very highly qualified Head of Department, 4 Coordinators and 36 Learning Support Assistants who go into the classrooms with the special needs students throughout the school, from KG to G12.

Included in the Department is a Speech and Language section, in which a Speech and Language pathologist diagnoses and treats children in KG and G1.  We also have an Occupational Therapist on the staff, who helps children in KG-G6 become independent and proficient in daily life tasks.

This Department also runs a “Gifted Programme”, offering activities to enrich the learning process of especially talented students, focussing on their preferred subjects and areas of strength.

A monthly Newsletter is published by the Learning Support Department, targeted at increasing the awareness of teachers and parents about different disabilities and their management, in addition to providing information about new developments in the Department.