Kindergarten and Junior School

The Montessori experience begins in pre-school and continues through Grade Five. During this period, emphasis is placed on an interactive learning process. Basic skills and problem-solving abilities are developed to build a firm foundation for future academic progress.

Accordingly, students enjoy an abundance of extra-curricular activities, including field trips, attendance at lectures by guest speakers, art and drama, all of which are aimed at broadening young students’ horizons. In preparation for the expanded worlds of opportunity now open to young people, leadership training is implemented and an interest in the welfare of others is developed through community service projects.


The Kindergarten adheres strongly to the principles of the Montessori philosophy, which aims to provide a rich and stimulating environment for children to develop to their full potential and encourages a positive attitude and disposition to learning.

The children in KG are guided and taught by trained Montessori directresses and directors in a carefully planned, vertically grouped, structured environment, implementing the child-centred approach, thus allowing the child to experience the excitement of learning by his/her own choice and helping him/her to maximise his/her intrinsic potential for learning.

Specially designed apparatuses and equipment are provided to meet the child’s physical, social, emotional, intellectual, cultural and spiritual needs. These materials cover practical life exercises, sensorial training, literacy, numeracy, environmental and cultural activities. Specially designed, bilingual educational books have been produced to complement all the above educational activities. For more details, please check out our curriculum and policy booklet (English, Arabic). All kindergarten teachers have completed a rigorous teacher training programme run by ICME.